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    Roy, bad news I’m afraid. It imported perfectly on both my development system, and the demo system here at I tried both as the demo is virtually standard kiwitrees.2.0.2, whereas my development system has had many changes since then, though I can’t recall any that would have any link to the error you are seeing.

    Just in case it is something in the way your server is configured I have reviewed all the dates to see if there are any that might cause problems. There are a couple that are wrong so you could try another import after correcting these. The following have lines numbers from a simple text view of the GEDCOM file you sent me:

    77295 2 DATE 1884 MAR
    241441 2 DATE /25/1884
    110682 2 DATE 16 APR
    171585 2 DATE 17 FB 1962
    77295 2 DATE 1884 MAR
    104389 2 DATE 19 MAR
    184738 2 DATE 19 MAR
    127943 2 DATE 20 OCT
    101719 2 DATE 25 SEP
    110688 2 DATE 29 MAY
    258558 2 DATE 30 AUG
    184957 2 DATE AB T 1970
    75077 2 DATE AF 04 MAR 1909
    71770 2 DATE ANT 1923
    118227 2 DATE AUG

    The ones with no year are possibly the most contentious. (like 2 DATE 20 OCT) They are probably not the cause of the error, but will make life hard for the code in many places. Basically I recommend that a date is not a date without a year. If you only know the day/month, include it as a note until the year is identified.

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