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    Ah – the one place I forgot to check ๐Ÿ™‚ I was thinking of the screen attached.

    I’ve checked the GEDCOM specification and it is quite clear that media is not a valid tag within the REPO record.

    n @xref:repo@ REPO {1:1}
    +1 NAME {1:1} p.54
    +1 ADDRESS_STRUCTURE {0:1} p.31
    +1 NOTE_STRUCTURE {0:M} p.37
    +1 REFN {0:M} p.63, 64
    +2 TYPE {0:1} p.64
    +1 RIN {0:1} p.43
    +1 CHANGE_DATE {0:1} p.31

    So I have removed the option to add it. I have also removed the display of any media objects that are already added, so I hope I don’t get too many complaints!

    But on the subject of Repositories, I just realised that these are the one record not included on the page “Administration > Add unlinked records”. Do you think adding an unlinked repository should be included?

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