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    Could it be possible to use the ckeditor at notes/shared notes?

    No that is not possible. It would be unsafe to introduce html code into notes or shared notes. A huge risk for malicious code-injection.

    That is why Greg introduced “markdown” code into webtrees. It sort-of does the same, but it is not at all user friendly; it adds a very large amount of file size to the overall project; and it does not work well in webtrees from what I have seen.

    I also think it is the wrong solution. The definition of NOTES (whether simple or shared) in GEDCOM is “Additional information provided by the submitter for understanding the enclosing data”. I believe that means the NOTE should be short and to-the-point. People who add really long notes are probably mistakenly using a note when it should be referenced through a source record and attached as a citation or a media object (pdf) or something similar. So with this definition there really should be no need to use complex formatting.

    Also, all such formatting will end up stored in the GEDCOM data, and is likely to look really strange in most other family history software that doesn’t know how to read it. That issue also applies to Greg’s “markdown” code.

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