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    I just checked further to remind myself.

    Yes you CAN send HTML emails. You need to manually change one file, and at present that file has a small bug. Attached is a replacement version (kiwitrees/includes/functions/functions_mail.php.

    In this file, near the top,are these three lines of code:

    	$mailFormat = “plain”;
    	//$mailFormat = “html”;
    	//$mailFormat = “multipart”;

    To use HTML (or multipart, which is always a good idea) just comment out plain and un-comment multipart to have this:

    	//$mailFormat = “plain”;
    	//$mailFormat = “html”;
    	$mailFormat = “multipart”;

    Then in the mail pop-up window type your message including HTML tags. I just tested it sending this simple message to myself:

    <strong>This is bold text.</strong><br /> This is normal text.

    It appeared in my inbox correctly as:

    This is bold text.
    This is normal text.

    When I have time I will investigate including the WYSIWYG editor on the mail form.

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