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    I prefer the existing “Delete” button on the Logs page. This allows you to be more selective (or not, as you wish) about which logs you keep or delete.

    See attached.

    But good on you for at least bothering to tidy up! Unfortunately ANY delete option employed by the software doesn’t always work as some MySQL configurations do not actually release the space even when you delete rows of data without a complete refresh of the database from the back end (by your web host). That is something I have no control over.

    (ps – the forum category “General issues” is as the name (should) suggest for discussing things related to THIS site – not the kiwitrees software itself. Is there a better descriptor I can give it? I am trying to keep this place simple – just one category for 99% of inquiries: “Support for kiwitrees”. I see no need for complicated loads of forum categories (or rules and requirements for that matter). I shall be removing the “Simpl_add-ons support” category as soon as a couple more become part of the standard code.)

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