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    … I asked for general love for reports (at โ€“ I still think reports should be made as module so users can define things like sorting, dec/anc/fam/living or what ever (instead of the pro-defined reports)…

    I do plan on improving the reports, but I’m afraid I will never have the time (or the interest) to go as far as you would like. I can understand the interest in “Fancy tree view”, and see some use for simple reports or lists that can be printed and used on a research trip (lists of events in the place you are visiting perhaps) but beyond that, I would never print anything. So for me reports as you describe would be such a very low priority that it would be more honest of me to say they will never happen. Sorry, but at least you know ๐Ÿ™‚

    There are products available that specialise in producing reports, some by just taking a GEDCOM file. Kiwitrees can produce the file, so I prefer to let those “experts” produce the tools for writing complicated reports.

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