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    Nope – having 3 files in thumb – same size 6.294 kb

    I email you access

    Thanks you. Logged in I see all the images. The album page for I57 loaded in less than 10 secs. A page with that many items will never be super-fast, but I cannot explain why you reported more than 20secs.

    However, the problem is sort-of related to the video. It uses an icon for a thumbnail. That is stored on a larger image called “icon_sprite_mime.png” . It holds a lot of icons in one image so is much larger than a simple thumbnail. BUT it should load very fast because your server should cache it. But I see that your server is not set up to use caching. You should talk to your web host about that. It can make a huge difference to page load speed, and kiwitrees is designed to use it. They should be able to change settings to use caching of images and css.

    For example – loading the icon image from your server takes over 800 millisecs. On my server it takes 13 millisecs from cache!

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