• #3083

    On I57 I cannot see the video. The group is there but the section is emty. The section “Dokumenter” is also empty

    On I35 I can see the video, and page loads quite quickly. But here there is also an empty section: “Folketælling”

    Do these sections display media for you? I suspct they are items linked to private people, so cannot show anywhere to visitors. Try it for your self when not logged in.

    If that is correct, then I need to hide empty sections like that.

    As for the videos, the one I can see displayed quite fast. The page will always be slower than webtrees because it needs to sort and group the images. webtrees doesn’t bother to do that.

    If you set the number of groups to 0 (zero) then the display will be the same as webtrees. That should be faster.

    The size of the video should not matter because only thumbnails are displayed as a link to the main object.

    Perhaps you have some privacy complication settings making it slow to find the images?

    Try enabling statistics on the page footer to see what is happening (Administration > your family tree > Hide & Show > Execution statistics

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