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    Census Assistant
    Yes. It has always been so. When Brian originally created the module we discussed this at some length. We felt it appropriate to leave some columns off in a balance between complete accuracy and practical use. Even now I am aware that many find the US input a daunting task.
    But while on this subject I should clarify the important wording on the road map page:

    Extend the Census Assistant template and transcription system through the development of a flexible plugin system

    By this I mean to largely re-write the current fixed template structure so as to make it easier for others to develop their own plugins. This should allow the extension of the concept to ANY routine transcription operation. But that is a huge task and not one I’m ready to start just yet.

    I like the pMF software and continue to use it on my own site. But there are some serious issues for anyone to consider before using it, not least of which is the perennial problem of “does any one actually read FAQs (or any other written help system)?”. I do tend to be a little cynical in this regard having (perhaps) wasted many hours contributing to the webtrees wiki (and PGV’s before that) only to have to repeat everything countless times on forums.
    In terms of pMF, it is a large and complex piece of code so using it in kiwitrees takes some commitment (far more than the standard FAQ module) plus some compromises. There is in particular no practical way to share user registration. I avoid this by simply not using this part of pMF. There are many other features of pMF that simply do not ‘fit’ into a kiwitrees situation.
    pMF also uses a completely different styling system (largely bootstrap-based), which makes creating a common “look and feel” with a kiwitrees theme challenging.
    For all of these reasons I have no plans to bring pMF into the standard kiwitrees package.
    I guess what might be useful would be for those who do use it to clarify what about pMF is attractive, and discuss whether just those design aspects could be incorporated into a slightly improved standard kiwitrees FAQ module? If you go down the pMF route perhaps at the end you could summarise your views in a separate thread here?

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