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    Those skills would certainly help, though I find that html and css often take the most time. You are right that an understanding of the classes and functions that the kiwitrees code already has helps enormously though. But there are so many its not practical even for me to remember all of them, so I always use something existing as a start point, then look for other pages that do some part of whatever I want to achieve.

    But as I said, your specific requirement makes this a fairly simple module, mainly because it needs no complex configurations or settings. The attached might not be exactly what you had in mind, but it should get you well along the way. I’ve added extra commenting to help point out what the various parts do. Just unzip the folder into /modules_v3/ like any other module, then enable it. Then you can add it to the Home page, or your My page, or like any bock as part of an HTML block (just use the short-code #callBlock:emigration_block# for that).

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