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    Area with houses with more than 1st floor=houseblock (blok)

    We could use blok for internet too – but it become more common with blog. And yes it is an adopted word from english. We also started to use “blogger” as word. One who writes articles (alot) at homepage!

    Blok in danish is a word for a area with (something) – ex: Graph=Blok

    In danish we have several words for same word. Google can not handle all this. We also have same word, spelled in same way but if you put it with something else – the meaning is different.

    Ex: Sheep=får and getting something=får (you see – same word – but different meaning)

    And I know – wt uses different words for the same thing. Guessing it is from earlier time – before we adopted the word “blog”. But the html bloks are an area of blocks=blok (like the ex. with the houses). So no matter which word we used – it will still give a correct understanding 🙂 If I make a link to my articles I would use the word “blog” in my tag even that it is an area of blocks (blok) more than one (blokke)

    Confused? 😛 Or do you feel like your educated ? 😛 Hehe (danish is very difficult and with no logical system)

    Regards, Jamie Jaconelli

    admin and owner of a user customized version of kiwitrees (contain 3 family trees)