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    OK, that’s good.

    But (just for my education) are you sure? My dictionary (Google) tells me the Danish for “block” is “blok”.

    A “blog” in English is “a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis.” It is an abbreviation of “web log”. I would have expected the Danish translation of that to also be “blog”, just because most internet-created words are international.

    A “block” in English is a rectangular (4-sided) object. In our situation it is a rectangular piece of display code to be positioned as part of a 1 or 2 column web page.

    Looking at the Danish translation file (da.po) I see:
    HTML block > HTML-rammen
    This block > Denne blok
    This block > Denne ramme
    GEDCOM News block > nyhedsrammen
    Message block > besked blokken

    Overall “ramme” seems the most common translation of “block”, but “blok” does appear as well.
    Translating “ramme” back to English gives me “frame”, which although not correct English, does make some sense in this application.

    I’ll leave it for you to decide what is correct or not. 🙂

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