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    Hmm, not sure exactly what “tabularised” would look like. Presumably you mean to remove much of the content the current “person-box” format displays, especially the image.

    Overall, I dislike the favourites module. I certainly don’t like it’s use on the Home page (mainly for design / visitor attraction reasons). Its use on “My page” becomes a moot point when combined with my eventual plan to remove that page completely. (see )

    I do however use favourites, but not the display module. I find the menu listing of them perfectly satisfactory. I just (rarely) add the display module temporarily when I need to remove a favourite as that is the only way that can be done.

    A couple of other points to consider:

    1. The menu list of favourites serves two purposes. It contains both “GEDCOM favourites” (those normally displayed on the “Home page” for all to see) AND the (if registered & logged in) user’s personal “User favourites” that would be displayed in the block on their “My page”. To quote a famous actor “Not many people know that….”.
    2. Favourites can be any record type (individuals, families, sources, repositories, media items, or notes) and each can include comments. All these might make “tabularising” problematic I suspect.

    For your personal “use case”, I wonder whether links in an HTML block would be easier? You also get to choose what the names link to in that case. I have a client with a list like that but of family names, each linked to the “Branches” list page.

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