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    It’s position isn’t great since Simpl_grey menus hide it when activated.

    I can’t see how that would matter. Surely no-one would want / need to click the button at the same time as selecting a menu item.

    I’m not a lover of social media but to get some feedback on whether anyone actually appreciates any pages might be useful/insightful?

    Seeing as you asked – no I don’t see how it is either meaningful or useful. Surely all it tells you is that some unknown person for reasons only known to themselves clicked a pretty button?
    Google Analytics is marginally better, as you can tell how long people stayed on pages and many other things.

    But ultimately all these toys are really designed for sites that need to generate income. A Family History site content is almost unique, and people interested in your family will find it. I don’t see how any other visitors matter. All you need is the bare basics (sitemap and well formed pages) so that search engines index them. End of story as far as I’m concerned.

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