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    Jacoline said:

    Since I do not know how it looked before in simpl_theme I am not sure which part you changed!

    The Google Map tab display is not theme related. It’s the same for all themes. But yes, you are right, the map now uses the full width with list of events / family below.
    Street view is not relevant here. It has never been an option on the tab display, only on the Lists > Place Hierarchy pages. I wonder if it is even worth having at all???? I think most people struggle to record GM coordinates, without needing to add Street View ones as well, surely?

    Paul said:

    Is it also possible to redesign the GM place hierarchy location map?

    Yes it is possible, but complicated due to the additional options of street view (see comment above). But have you tried adjusting the map dimensions (Administration > Google Maps > Place Hierarchy tab) ?

    Also, place location flags do not have flagstaffs so appear to float some distance away from where they belong.

    Are you sure? I did adjust the locations when it became necessary to drop the flag poles and shadows. Looking at the ones on your world map (top level) they seem pretty accurate to me. Can you give me an example that isn’t?

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