• #2602

    Roy, yes that is a goog (partial) explanation. Fortunately it is easily fixed, though for now a little messy.

    You can either wait for the next release or install the two replacement files from the attached zip folder. They are:
    Family.php (note capital ‘F’). This goes in /library/WT/Controller/
    functions_print.php. This goes in /includes/functions/

    The problem was caused because it is currently necessary, as you have seen, to have BOTH the old display (for smaller screens) and the new one, which in this bug caused a duplication (and therefore rejection) of an ID.

    This ‘design’ is because the new version is too wide for smaller screens. What I need (I think) is to redesign the “person boxes” completely so that I can retain the horizontal “tree” whilst still getting it to fit on a smaller screen. Unless anyone has other suggestions????? All input appreciated.

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