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    Also annoying when I upload pdf files – it can not add pdf icon. So everytime I upload pdf files I add a custom icon so I can avoid this: “mediafile not found”

    Can you give me a link to your site where I can see this error. It should not happen. If there is no thumbnail (one can never be created for a PDF automatically) then the display should use a default pdf icon. Perhaps your theme does not have one.

    But in fact I always think it is best to add your own thumbnail for pdf files anyway. I use one based on an image of the first page of the pdf, plus a small pdf icon. Like the one attached here. The thumbmail must have EXACTLY the same file name as the full size, but be type “.png”

    And for Christmas. I wish to have the ability to edit the watermark in a easy way. I have tried to edit the css without luck

    No, it doesn’t use css. It is hard coded. If anyone else would like to improve that system I would accept the code. But I’m afraid it will be many years, if ever, before I would give it any priority myself.

    Personally I would remove the watermark feature completely (but I won’t 🙁 ). I HATE watermarks. They achieve absolutely nothing, other than to make the web site extremely ugly for visitors. They certainly will not prevent anyone stealing your images. Watermarks are far to easy to remove. I use a very simple rule – if I don’t want people to see an image I hide it with privacy; if I don’t want it stolen I don’t upload it to the internet! That is the ONLY safe solution.

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