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    Mac, I’ve just checked an export on my own machine and don’t see anything like that. So I can only guess at the possible causes on yours:

    1. It could be a “mac” thing. I use PC and don’t see this problem.
    2. It could be something in the settings of yoor FTP software. I’ve never heard of “transmit” so can’t help with that I’m afraid.
    3. It coulld be something to do with the encoding of your database (normally “itf8_general_ci” Your web host might be able to comment on that.

    I’m afraid I can’t advise on the use of “Zap Gremlins” either. I’ve never heard of that nor do I have any experience of Text Wrangler either. Presumably its a mac text editor? I do not however recommend the use of anything you don’t understand. get some advise from someone who understands and uses those products.

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