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    Add the new tree (The British Royals). User created with Member access to BR tree (visitor to live one which in effect means none.)

    Admin > Modules
    I didn’t care if the same Modules appeared in BR and that’s not where to access is set.

    Modules > Menus, Tabs, Blocks, Sidebar, Reports
    Each has 2 tabs representing the 2 trees. BOTH showed each setting set to visitor; my live tree had been customized and was reset to visitor in addition to that of BR which was set to visitor (or whatever is default).

    [updated: 30 Nov 2021]
    MacOS: 10.15.7  (Catalina)
    Safari   14.1.2;  Firefox 94.0.2
    PHP 7.4.5 FastCGI; mySQL 5.x

    Alter-Drukarsh connections... 3.3.9 <private>
    The Royals 3.3.9
    The Gerrer Rebbes 3.3.9
    The Kennedys 3.3.9