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    Did you clear your browser cache?

    I have looked at and I cannot see that change to the img tag css. So not sure if you have since removed it, or (perhaps?) didn’t save the file change before you uploaded the replacement file; or uploaded it to the wrong place?

    I think Greg is using a border in the F.A.B. theme similar to the border at menu icons in color theme – But I can not figure out his system – it seems messy to me!

    No, Greg’s FAB theme uses identical code to my suggestion, apart from a smaller (4px) radius.

    And the reason you find his css file “messy” is because he “minifies” it. That means remove all white-space and returns so everything is on one long line. You shouldn’t try to edit that. You need to replace it with the non-minified version from his GitHub site. Doing that he reduces the page loading speed by about 1/1000 of a second – not worth the complication in my opinion.

    There is no border on the menu icons in colors theme. The rounded corners are just the way the image has been drawn.

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