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    I like the idea to have the ability to have access level too for menu. Will that go for the menuline too? Ex: the menu, favorites ect.?

    It would make sense to, so I will try. I haven’t started on that project yet.

    So why not just change the core code to add/design the census and in the language users wanted (at admin/managerlevel)? Instead of having pre-defined census?

    The census assistant has two purposes. One is to make selecting and adding people to the census record (CENS) easier. For that yes, your solution could work. But the other, and for me most important, is to display an accurate and complete transcription of the original census page. For that it is necessary that every census (every year, not just every country) has a unique “template”, with the correct columns for information. So it is not practical to simply allow for different translations. The whole display must be created.
    But that doesn’t mean the Danish census cannot be included. I would be quite happy to try and add it for you if you can send me complete images of a census page and some translation of the terms used.

    Greg has changed how notes are showned in his vers. 1.5.2 โ€“ Where you can not see the notes first line โ€“ Please do not copy that!

    Don’t worry. I have absolutely no intention of doing that ๐Ÿ™‚ See also this discussion:

    For color themes:
    Could the thumbs at the indi page been showned as in your dias/the F.A.B. theme (you know with round cornes ect) It is really nice view. It removes this box-view (boxes-boxes and boxes with sharp edges)

    Can you give me an image. I’m not sure which thumbnails you are referring to. There are so many!

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