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    Thanks for the Family page JPG. Initially it might be a bit jolting switching from the vertical orientation of the other pages to the horizontal orientation of the Family page. The benefits should quickly overcome that initial impression.

    Moving some bocks to another column would work for me in lieu of a My Page. I think I may even prefer that. Simplifying the user experience, including configuration, would be very welcome by me.

    Will be back home late tomorrow and can upgrade to 2.0 the day after. Once I see how the new image bar works, I may change the way I present my default Home Page. I am hoping that it is possible to change the overall color and tone to match the overall color scheme of the default Home Page. Thanks for providing the edit that relocates the bar to the top. I don’t think that I will use it but want to compare the two effects.

    Thanks again. Great job!


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