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    Thanks Roy. Just to address two items for now:

    Redesign family page layout
    Attached is very roughly what I had in mind. Children would be in rows, of 4 or five. The top half could either scroll to show more rows, or expand. Not sure whether to retain the detailed boxes for each person, or switch to the smaller “compact” style available as an option on most charts.

    I feel that horizontal is a more natural layout, and the bottom half lends itself to perhaps better media and source displays.
    The various options to add other facts could probably be tidied up as well. Perhaps a single drop down for “Add more information”.

    Remove My Page
    Still in the early thinking stages. But I wondered about a left or right column, visible to logged in users on all pages, to hold some of those small blocks like messages, journal etc. Wider screens are much more common now, so we could start making use of that fact. They would be like the “widgets” used in WordPress sites such as this one.
    The problem with relying on users visiting their “My page” is that they often won’t, and if they do, them might remove the block you want them to see.

    I might actually regard removing My Page as a first step to removing other user-config options. Things like theme changing for example could IMHO be taken out. Just leave it for the manager / admin to set the design of the display. I’ve always believed, at least from my own site(s) that users rarely bother with block configurations, theme changing etc, so why waste the code having it there?

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