• #2166

    It’s possible to change fancy imagebar to the top of page?

    Do you mean for the simpl_grey theme or for all themes?

    Actually looking at the code, it can only be done for ALL themes.
    The simple answer to your question is “Yes, it is possible.” However, I do not want to make this a permanent change, nor do I want to add any further configurations here. This is at present a simple transfer of JustCarmen’s add-on. I prefer to keep it that way for easier maintenance. So if you want the position to be either changed or made configurable please contact her. If she changes the original (for webtrees 1.5) I will happily change it here too.

    But, if you prefer to simply modify your own copy it is very easy.

    In the file /modules_V3/fancy_imagebar/module.php find this line (should be line 532):


    Just change “#content” to “#header” to put the image bar at the very top, above the header area.

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