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    First, I apologise that I did not have time to respond to this topic earlier. Since Greg first released w1.5 I have never been busier with clients for kiwitrees hosting or others who host their own sites but do not want to use the 1.5 series. I should be very grateful to Greg for his support in growing my business 🙂

    Jacoline. I know you submitted a file with changes included. Unfortunately it was based on a webtrees versions of the .po file that as Ole explains was full of translations that had been deleted (“#” mark added). Most of the .po files used in the 1.4 webtrees had the same problem. I have since corrected them all and Greg has done the same with webtrees 1.4.

    I tried to use your changes and merge them into the revised file, but it was just not possible. Sorry about that, but you will need to review the CURRENT file and resubmit.

    As Ole says, the current .po file (available at, using instructions at ) is much better, and many more items are translated.

    My personal kiwitrees site is