• #1935

    Yes, this is “normal”. You see an “Add media” icon if there is no media present, but it is not necessary if media is already there. All you then need is to either delete the item to remove it, or find a different item to edit it.

    I don’t understand this. E.g. I want to add a pic to Mary’ & Peter’s marriage. I have a “add media” and “find media” button. I add a new media object. Then Mary complains “This is not me, it is my sisters marriage!” I have to change/edit that. I have only a “find media” button.

    Why is it now more likely than before that the approbiate media already exists on the server?
    Where is my mental blackout?

    I will change the background colour of the three “full source” fields so they are more obviously part of the source.

    Found that implented with the new release Very nice, thank you kiwi!!