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    Well, but that’s the problem. Running into parallel unconected place hierarchies. E.g. “Eisenach” Set up more than a dozen entries?

    Maybe I could handle that if i had only three stages like “Lambeth, Middlesex, England” but even today the official german “place hierarchy” is:
    Deutschland, Bundesland, Regierungsbezirk, Kreis, Gemeindeverband, Gemeinde.

    And more worse: A “Gemeinde” might be pretty small e.g. “Pfullingen” or huge e.g. “Berlin”. Berlin is a Bundesland AND a Gemeinde defining the same area. So I would have to split that up again, difining urban districts and boroughs:

    Deutschland, Bundesland, Regierungsbezirk, Kreis, Gemeindeverband, Gemeinde, Verwaltungsbezirk, Ortsteil.

    Transforming german historical place “ladders” into current place names? May have odd results: A bunch of german ancestors is not born in Germany anymore, but in France, Switzerland, Poland or even Russia. If I keep the historical names I have to set up different german place trees, e.g. starting with different top levels like “Deutsches Reich”, “Bundesrepublik Deutschland”, “Deutsche Demokratische Republik” etc. That’s a lot of work and my ancestors are splitted up again.

    And how to handle governmental <-> churchly place names? Somestimes I know the parish name, somestimes the village name. But the same name identifies quite different areas.

    The only somehow working german place db I’ve found is:

    How to put that in GM module?