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    No. Due to the specific german history place names changed very often. GM module can’t handle that complexity.

    What makes you think that?

    The module is actually very simple, and therefore very flexible. All it does is match GEDCOM place names with a table of place names with coordinates. If there is a match the coordinates will be used and displayed. I know many European places changed borders etc. often. But that is irrelevant to the module.

    For example, I have these three places:
    Lambeth, London, England
    Lambeth, Middlesex, England
    Lambeth, Kent, England

    They are all physically the same place, but were within different County boundaries at different times in history. So I add Lambeth three times to the GM table, each time linked to a different County (parent level), but always with the same co-ordinates.

    You can deal with different spelling in just the same way.

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