• #1881

    As for census – I don’t understand your issue. What’s wrong with the table layout of the Census Assistant we already have?

    Probably not much and perhaps a better way to go. I’ll look more closely at census assistant.

    For every census citation in addition to the census image, relevant place roll page etc info I also copy and save (copy/paste from the browser window) the transcribed index data items as displayed from the search. The resulting text file can easily be parsed yielding tag/data pairs for the items transcribed for a particular census. So I automatically have column headings and data for a shared census note – not much additional work to add markdown when the conversion code creates the shared note. To use census assistant I just probably need to map the tag/data pairs for each census into ca’s csv type format.

    BTW, I want aggregated census shared notes based on census page, or perhaps a group of consecutive pages. Neighbors have proven to be an invaluable source of clues/information particularly on difficult individuals. The conversion code can pretty easily do the page grouping either based on citation page/roll/image etc or what’s even better in my case is to look for a common file name on the attached obje – the files are all named with census/roll/page.