• #1879

    edit3 works fine 🙂

    The problem for you will be that there is no way to add a second media object to an existing source.

    It’s realy very rare that I wish to do so. So don’t worry about that.

    2. There is an admin option to display ‘Full source details”. (Administration > your family tree > Edit options > “Use full source citations”. If set to ‘yes’ then additional fields for QUAL (quality of data) and DATE (Date of entry in original source) appear. Another solution is therefore to include the media entry with these two, so only available for sites that opt to display “Full sources”. That would avoid confusing users on sites that prefer not to use these features.

    In my point of view a consistent appliance of this approach implicates that the media object field in the “Add new citation” should be also removed/hidden (if option “Use full source citations”=”no”) like in the edit mode.

    I will change the background colour of the three “full source” fields so they are more obviously part of the source.

    Would be perfect!

    One more suggestion: Shared notes still have the same issue like media objects (had). Maybe we should have four “full source fields” and handle the shared notice the same way like media objects?