• #1874

    I’m waiting to see how Greg implements it.

    Could be OK or a complete disaster. If he tries to include it in modules like Stories, or FAQs it will be useless. They currently are able to include tables, images, and even javascript (I use that a lot to generate tabbed pages within a single “stories” page).

    As for census – I don’t understand your issue. What’s wrong with the table layout of the Census Assistant we already have? That’s highly automated and extremely simple to use once you get used to it. If you allow free-form table entry on a site with multiple users – (like Stephen’s 100+ active users) how would you maintain a standard format?

    How useful it is to the wider user-base will also depend how good any WYSIWYG editor it uses is. Traditionally markdown has tended to be more for “geeks” happy to type asterix, dashes and underscores for formatting. My grannie won’t want any of that, but she can use a WYSIWYG editor OK.

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