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    Putting aside my concerns about the GUI for this, it is actually an easy fix, unless I’ve missed something.

    Try the attached replacement for the file /includes/functions/functions_edit.php

    I may have thought of a solution to the GUI complications as well, or even three possible solutions…

    1. If you click on the last small icon to the right of any PLACE field you get two new entry fields for Longitude and Latitude. These are differentiated, at least in the standard theme, with a lighter background colour. So we coulld easily do the same with the media object field within the source.

    2. There is an admin option to display ‘Full source details”. (Administration > your family tree > Edit options > “Use full source citations”. If set to ‘yes’ then additional fields for QUAL (quality of data) and DATE (Date of entry in original source) appear. Another solution is therefore to include the media entry with these two, so only available for sites that opt to display “Full sources”. That would avoid confusing users on sites that prefer not to use these features.

    3. We could go further and remove the “Full sources” option completely. But replace it with an icon titled “Advanced source details”. Place the icon to the right of the Source field (after “Create new source”). Clicking on it would be just like the Lat/long icon after Place fields. It would make three new source fields appear – QUAL, DATE and OBJE. I think this might be an ideal solution?

    What do you think?

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