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    The two approaches to using the census ‘assistant’ have always been debated:

    1. Every field from the original document for absolute accuracy
    2. Only those fields you actually find useful, based on
      1. simplify data entry
      2. avoid excessive scrolling for both entry and viewing of very wide tables (or using really tiny fonts)
      3. how to you get multiple users both across kiwitrees, and sometimes within a single site, to agree on which fields matter

    At present the solution is either by decree (mine), or by whoever is prepared to develop each template.

    It’s not (IMHO), as lead developer, my job to resolve issues within a single site, but for the rest, my long term thinking (for kiwitrees-nova, currently under development) is….

    To transfer the basic data on each census template to database fields that can then then be edited both in terms of which to use / not use, and terminology by each site administrator.

    A single template file can then read those database items back for display / data entry purposes.

    However, this is unlikely to feature in the first release of kiwitrees-nova, but hopefully can be included at some time.

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