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    I’m not even cracking the surface! Got down to about 9501126. Found GEDCOM errors in certain records so fixed. Somewhere along the line running Sanity Check again drove me insane. It now shows over 4,000 images in question! Not the one you refer to.

    However, there is another ghost.

    0 @M14261@ OBJE
    1 FILE A25162-14.png
    2 TITL FROCHTMAN, Marya Cipa [1872 JRI-Poland Birth record]
    2 FORM png
    3 TYPE photo
    1 _PRIM N
    1 SOUR @JRI-Poland@
    1 CHAN
    2 DATE 21 SEP 2023
    3 TIME 18:28:29
    2 _KT_USER admin

    from the GEDCOM. However, I removed all traces of images from that INDI record. Lookeddown the results and it too doesn’t show that M-number. So how is it in the raw code?

    If I can’t find it, can’t fix the 1 SOUR (didn’t wait for click on found Source).

    It took over 12 hours to get this far. It’ll take ages if I have to do these 4,00+ as well as anything else that comes up. Is there alternate? How risky is it to do it from the GEDCOM and re-import?

    Will be my Tuesday night before I’ll take another go at it.

    This is part and parcel of why starting over came to mind. Clean nucleus family members then re-add (maybe).

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