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    OK, looks like you have misunderstood at least two things.

    1. The filename with ! on the end DEFINITELY exists. But I am talking about the actial image file. You must delete ot rename that (i.e. remove the !) using FTP  / on the server, in the /data/media folder. It can’t be done anywhere else. If it is not on the server, then you have an error in the GEDCOM data for M10384. Because the problem prevents opening any page that lists all media, or just that one, then you will have to export your GEDCOM file, fix the error on that, then re-import.
    2. No, you won’t have caused any problem deleting the ‘delete_me” images with ftp – but neither will you have achieved anything either. The problem with these, as I said, lies ONLY in the GEDCOM file. The ones referenced in the error messages do not exist on the server. That is the cause of those error messages. You need to fix 1. above, then delete them using ADmin > Manage media, as I said above. NO OTHER ACTION WILL FIX THIS.
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