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    Looking at the server logs I can see that your profile edit was rejected as containing potential spam by the site’s security features.

    It’s difficult to tell what the exact issue was. No suggestion you did anything you shouldn’t, just that sometimes security protocols can be triggered by what we humans regard as “ok”.

    I don’t want to change the settings / rules, as they do a good job of keeping the sire clear of the ‘real’ spammers, so I can only suggest you simplify the content of your signature.  To be honest, although I know many sites encourage providing lots of details about system specs in signatures on help forums, but I find they are not always updated, and contain more than is necessary for most issues. So I tend to ask for what I need from users when I need it.

    Just confirmation of the basics such as kiwitrees version, and PHP / MySQL version numbers are usually quite sufficient. Perhaps just the last line of your current signature, with minimal or even no formatting:

    Alter-Drukarsh connections | The Garelick: 3.3.11b – PHP 8.0 – mySQL 8.

    My personal kiwitrees site is