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    Finally figured out the problem.
    Sources are unique from all other records because they have links in two directions.
    They link to individuals, families, facts/Events, but also to Repositories.
    Repositories are the “parents” of the sources they contain.
    The simple analogy is:
    repository = library;
    sources = the books in the library.
    So. if a repository is private, then all of it’s sources have at least the same level of privacy.
    In your case you have set Repositories to “Show to managers” and their Sources to “Show to members”. The strictest level and / or the parent always take precedence. So all your sources are actually only “Show to managers” as per their parent.
    Only sources NOT linked to a repository will actually be “Show to members.
    You can either edit specific repositories and add a RESN tag changing that one to “Show to members”; or you can change the overall setting for all repositories.
    Or you could just remove the privacy setting for repositories. Then all sources would follow their own setting.
    You should experiment with these settings to indentify what suits your site best.

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