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    The only thing that I suppose is ‘missing’ for my purposes is the thing that prompted my post in the first place –  the ability to provide Editors with media update rights, whilst not proividing those to members – and I don’t see a way of doing that .

    Ah, but there is a twist to the rules. I’ve just tested it (first time I have for probably years). You might want to ‘masquerade’ as a “member” (not an “Editor”) and test what they see, because in reality the settings available for the field ‘who can upload a media file’ are just a simplification of the sub-settings like editor and moderator.

    Do the test – I’m pretty confident you will find that because a member can’t do what an editor can (i.e. add or edit things) they cannot actually upload media files because there is nowhere available for them to do it!

    Its about looking at the problem from a different angle:

    • Member is a read-only role – everywhere.
    • Editors can add or edit anything, everywhere, UNLESS you specify other higher restrictions, like ‘relationship privacy’, event or fact specific privacy over-rides OR, by setting ‘who can upload a media file’ to a higher level.

    If anything is missing, and I’m not sure it matters, is the ability to prevent some editors from uploading media. You can only stop all of them or none of them by setting that field to ‘managers’.

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