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    kiwi said

    They are slightly hidden away, but to hand when setting up a new user. Go to Admin > Users > Manage users and edit any user, or click “add user”. Scroll down to the “Family tree access settings” at the bottom. There is a Help paragraph there, partially hidden (for space reasons) with a “more” link. Click that to see the definitions.

    Ahh! I knew it had to be there somewhere – it is quite well hidden – thanks Nigel. The descriptions are very clear and basically that’s the way I have been using them except that I don’t use Moderator  (as the very few people I would assign those rights to can also be safely assigned ‘manager’ rights.). The only thing that I suppose is ‘missing’ for my purposes is the thing that prompted my post in the first place –  the ability to provide Editors with media update rights, whilst not proividing those to members – and I don’t see a way of doing that .

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