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    The problem would appear to be my decision that I do not want ALL my 330 users to have the right to upload media objects which would be the case if I set the tree config option to ‘member’ , so, given the options available I am obliged to set it at ‘manager’.

    In the case in  point, the user was actually trying to link an already uploaded image by clicking on the Album tab. I had told her to take the ‘link to an existing media object’ option but she claimed she couldn’t see it – that the ‘page was blank’ . I asked her to send me a screenshot and sure enough, the options ‘Add a media object’ and ‘link to an existing media object’ were not there (see her screenshot below).

    I checked that she was logged in – checked her ‘role’ in user management = ‘Editor’ . Checked the tree configuration for any apparent restictions and all I could see was ‘who can upload a media file’ – which, as explained above,  I had set to ‘manager’.  The only thing I could think of was to try changing her ‘role’ setting to ‘manager’ to see if that made a difference – she tried and Yes – immdiately she saw the media options as expected and she was able to apply the desired media object links.

    So my definition of ‘Editor’ gives the user more authority than the average member, but ideally I would not want to give all those with media upload authority all the rights of a ‘manager’. Hence my post to find out how others were regarding the roles – maybe I have got it wrong!

    Ron in France Website: kiwitrees 3.3.11; PHP 8.0.14