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    I searched for but failed to find formal definitions of the roles (perhaps Nigel can point me to one?)

    They are slightly hidden away, but to hand when setting up a new user. Go to Admin > Users > Manage users and edit any user, or click “add user”. Scroll down to the “Family tree access settings” at the bottom. There is a Help paragraph there, partially hidden (for space reasons) with a “more” link. Click that to see the definitions.

    The “Family tree configuration >media” setting you referred to is a generic setting that only includes “Visitor, Member, and Manager, common to most family tree level configurations. Editor, Moderator, and Manager are user AND tree specific sub-sets of Member. “Members” can remain just that, or can be given editor, manager, or even administrator roles. There is an extensive discussion about this here: It is about a change which is progressing through the kiwitrees-nova project.

    Any user with the “editor” role can add or edit anything (individuals, families, media, shared notes, sources and repositories) UNLESS they are further restricted by other privacy rules or the “Restrict to family members” settings on their user profile.

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