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    For my part, I feel happy with the way I am using the roles, except for the inability to povide ‘editors’ with media file upload authority!

    Have you tested that assertion? I have just done it and can confirm that anyone with the role of “Editor” can most definitely upload media files. That has always been the case, it has never changed, and is never likely to.

    Note: best way to check that is to “masquerade” on your site as a user with the ‘editor’ role – perhaps ideally the user who contacted you – Administration > Users > Manage users — mask icon to far right of each user in the list.)

    So, you have a user who “couldn’t find a way to upload media objects.“. We need to understand how that can happen.

    In my experience helping users to navigate the complexities of kiwitrees (or any complex software) it comes back to education. It is also important not to assume that “couldn’t find a way” could either be taken literally, or in fact mean she didn’t look in the right place.

    Broadly speaking media can be added in three places:

    1. As unlinked media object in Administration > Media > Upload media. This is the one place an “editor” cannot access. That requires the roles of Manager (only for certain parts of admin, and a specific tree(s), or Admin.
    2. Directly to  an individual (or other top level record). For individuals this is one Album tab. which is also the only place such media objects will generally be displayed.
    3. As part of a fact or event (birth, marriage, death etc), or as part of a source citation on such an event. In this case the image is displayed with the event.

    The other possibility is that your user has really found a way to add media, but it “was” (i.e. seemed) unsuccessful. That might be due to the inherent delays in admin approving the change being made.

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