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    That doesn’t make sense. That is a normal length IP address, so there is no good reason why it should trigger the error “String data, right truncated: 1406 Data too long for column ‘ip_address’

    It presumably happened when you tries to login, so check the “kt_session” table in your database. (your prefix may be different to kt_) to see what length the field ip_address is.

    But it is also possible that the ip address you gave here was not the one that caused the error, because VPNs (I believe) change IP addresses often.

    I also looked at your login activity here at That does confirm you send different IP addresses, some appearing to be from unusual countries. It is entirely possibly that is the cause of the problem. This site gets a huge number of fake attempts to access it, so has very strict checks, especially regarding known hacker countries. Not much I can do about that, as the checks are necessary to avoid me spending every hour I have on these attempts.

    Back to your site – kiwitrees has the “kt_access” table in your database where IP addresses can be ‘allowed’ or denied’ access to the site. I guess one of your VPN IP addresses was part of a block marked as “deny”. You could try deleting all records in that table marked as “deny”. DO NOT remove any marked “allow”, as this may block ALL access. The difficulty will be that you might need to do this everytime your VPN uses a new IP address.

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