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    Hi Nigel,

    Thanks for the reply. I’m fighting to get trees off – unfortunately spent considerable effort over the last 15+ years building several ¬†thoroughly researched, sourced and documented (with media) trees online at Modest in number of individuals (largest 530) but lots of media attached (including census images) and source citations.

    Fortunately I had saved all uploaded media, unfortunately not census images, and of course ged export doesn’t attach census images. I do have RootsMagic and have used it to get the trees including census images. Bad news is RootsMagic export .ged is a mess.

    At the moment current plan is to write a RootsMagic .ged fixer program. I’m just now looking at how much damage the Roots <- import did to base data and then how to fix the Roots .ged.

    Please wish me luck!


    P.S. I see my first post was back in 2013 – should have gone with Kiwitrees back then..