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    Found very interesting comparison of 1940 to 1950 US Census. Had no idea that answers were not “missing”. They used sampling so not everyone was asked all questions. (

    That said my choice (without consideration of space) for CA. The categories are only relevant in general, not expecting to put on CA. Some are the usual so already included in previous. (
    <h4>Questions for all persons</h4>

    • Name of street, avenue, or road
    • House and apartment number
    • Name
    • Relationship to head of household
    • Sex
    • Age on last birthday
    • State or country of birth

    <h4>Questions for persons fourteen years of age and over</h4>

    • .Occupation
    • Industry in which person worked

    <h4>Questions for persons on sample lines (six per sheet)</h4>

    • What is the highest grade of school that he has attended? Most times I’ve seen Occupation “Student” for those still in school.

    <h4>Questions for persons on sample lines fourteen years of age and over (six per sheet)</h4>

    • Last year (1949), how much money did he earn working as an employee for wages or salary

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