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    Actually LAC (Library Archives of Canada) started using Ancestry for transcribing 1921 census. The format is LASTNAME, first Name on original forms as with USA. I think that’s why Ancestry has the census on their site and Family Search doesn’t. Money talks.

    For kiwitrees Census Assistant we are only interested in what was required (or commonly used) on the original form at the time the census was carried out. Not interested in how any other current-day organisation chooses to transcribe it. So how it is transcribed by Ancestry, LAC, or anyone else is irrelevant. The end result should be (IMHO) an accurate transcription of the original document.

    Some things are, of course, personal choice. But, for example, I routinely change the Census Assistant’s ‘proposed’ entry where I see on the original form a spelling or other error in the names, dates, places etc. I enter what is on the original form exactly (though possibly with an added note of explanation if it seems appropriate).

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