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    either First name, Last name or Last name, First name for all countries (I’ve only used US & Canada thus far

    No, sorry, that wouldn’t necessarily be right (assuming I understand your description). CA is there to transcribe, not re-write the forms. So if the original forms differ between countries, or between years within a country then CA should follow that, not change it.

    Canada – Wife’s married last name as is done for US but not Canada

    The code used is the same for most countries, and should use the wife’s married name.
    BUT – in order to provide that your data must be complete. There needs to be a MARR event in the Family record; that event needs to have a date; that date must be earlier than the census date; and the wife must have a married name using the _MARNM tag.

    Some way to include in-laws that will link back to their record

    I ‘think’ you are asking for additional entries on the shared note (transcription) created by the Census Assistant, in the form of the names of in-laws, and for those to link back to the INDI page of those people.

    If that’s correct then the answer is a double no.

    1 – Links are not possible on those notes.
    2 – If these people are not on the original form, then we can’t add them to a transcription of it.

    There are other ways that it is or can be done:

    1 – use the ASSO tag attached to the census event.
    2 – if those people DO appear on the original form, then you can click on the title of the shared note to go to it’s own page, where all those people on the form ARE listed and linked back to their INDI pages.
    3 – Add a simple note to the census event.

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