• #14079

    Ultimately this problem will require a significant re-write of the code for both these charts – if in fact they are worth keeping. I am not aware of any significant use being made of them either by kiwitrees users, webtrees, or PhpGedView, all of which use the basically the same code for these two charts.

    However, as an interim measure, the attached replacement ‘seems’ to proved a remedy. The change applied here however is less than ideal, and not fully tested for possible side-effects. Hopefully there won’t be any, but if there are I’m afraid that will signal an end to support for these two charts until after kiwitrees-nova is released.

    Replace the file kiwitrees/includes/functions/functions.php with the one of same name inside attached zip folder

    (Note: this new file should be copied to both of your sites, regardless of whether one is not showing the error above.

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