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    Finally remembered that I didn’t update main site to 3.3.10. Saved my Census files to add back. But have question of one item that isn’t part of those files. “wife, son, daughter, mother, father” designation. Is there a file I can tell kiwitrees to capitalize the first letter?  Some I copy from Ancestry, others I let Assistant add and they’re not consistent.

    No, unfortunately. It’s embedded in the complex “relationship” code. It’s a hang-over from webtrees, where it was deemed best that all such designations, throughout the system, be capital-letter free. Apparently it was an appropriate thing to do in relation to some translations etc… Never made a lot of sense to me, so I have been reversing it gradually. It is certainly complex in some relationships when a decision must be made whether it is “sentence capitalisation” (only the first letter if the sentence), or “word capitalisation” (capitalise first letter of every word).

    In some cases, such as the side bar “Family navigator” it can be done with css changes, but thats not so easy on the census tables.

    I hope to eliminate it completely in kiwitrees-nova. But worth remembering that will only change the recommended census data for new entries. As that data is stored in GEDCOM format, it won’t automatically change any existing ones. That will require a batch process

    In the short term, the easiest solution is to ignore it. Or slightly less easy, change them in the census input form before you save it.


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