• #13962

    This fix requires a complete replacement of the “database_backup” module (kiwitrees/modules_v4/database_backup), as its developer has completely changed the file structure.

    If you are installing  / configuring this module for the very first time, on your site, you can use the contents of the attached zip folder to completely replace the module folder. This fixes the bug reported here, and the general instructions for installation remain the same.

    BUT….  If you already have this module installed and in use on your site DO NOT INSTALL THIS NEW VERSION. The backup should still be working OK, and should not report any errors. If you do install this new version you will need to re-config it completely from scratch.

    If you wait for the next release of kiwitrees the new version will be included, snd you will then NOT need to reconfigure it, although you may need to move the configuration file. Instructions for that will be provided at that time.

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